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"Terrific article!!! It raised my awareness about things we normally don't consider regarding leadership."The Ideal Leader

"I agree wholeheartedly with everything you've written. Just disappointed I didn't write it first. Well done." -The Ideal Leader

"Best description and explanation of leaders/managers and leadership/management that I've read." - No Leaders. No Managers.

"I'm a fan and look forward to reading more of your break-through thinking. From what's offered on this site, I can see I'll be busy for quite some time." - The Ideal Leader

"Another piece of sterling work. I just love your way of leading us through the maze." - The Ideal Leader

"I totally love this article. It is a much needed read." - How's Your Confidence Today?

"Wow. Great article -just what i needed to read I guess. It really started me thinking." - A Hero at Work

"Challenging the status quo, seeking to influence people to change their ways in order to be more effective. Wow, that statement really says it all. It really reflects my passion and what drives me in my goal to empower myself and others everyday to improve work flow and move forward. Great article. I loved it." - Microleadership 

"This is a fantastic article. It definitely gives a different perspective to confidence building. When everybody else is saying that focus on your weaknesses to build confidence, your point of view that respect and appreciate your strengths to build confidence is really direct and enlightening. Thank you very much Mr. Mitch for this article. I am sure this will definitely help me." - How's Your Confidence Today?

Further Recognition

Two Lead2xl articles first published in Ivey Business Journal, later reprinted in the Economist Intelligence Unit's Executive Briefing

The Ideal Leader - March 21, 2011.

Is Heroic Leadership all Bad? - February 26, 2010

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