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Our career transition coaching service has two applications: (1) for executives who feel plateaued and want advice on how to advance their career with their current organization and (2) for executives who are between positions and need help deciding what role to pursue next and how to get there.

The former application is valuable as a retention service because employees at all levels can become demotivated and less productive when they feel that their careers have stalled. Most don't know what to do about this situation other than work hard and hope for the best or leave to join another employer. Effective career coaching can re-energize and re-motivate executives by giving them the confidence and tools to advance their careers where they are. The essence of our approach is to reframe how participants see their roles so they start relating to key players as customers. Practical tips are offered to help them build partnerships with such key players.

Executives who are between positions are often uncertain about where to go next. They also lack confidence to approach the job market and may be out of practice. Many lack basic skills such as how to take interviews successfully. Effective career coaching can help them think through their career options, develop their personal brand and choose the best job search strategies for their particular offering and market.

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